Warranty: 24 months
Order fulfillment: 24
Shipping cost: no. PLN
Producer: Marolex

Sprayer MAROLEX Profession Plus + Mini GRATIS

Sprayer Profession 12 PLUS is specially designed so it can be used for liming tree trunks, painting outside walls with water based paints and for shading the walls of greenhouses. As all our sprayers it can also be used for spraying plant protection chemicals and fertilizers as well as for washing machines and for desinfection.

Spraying with lime and emulsions is possible due to equipping the device in a special, patented by MAROLEX mixer (preventing sedimentation), metal ball valves, reinforced hose and high flow capacity pipes.

Next important feature is a high efficient pump placed outside the tank to avoid its contact with aggressive, thick liquids and to make work more comfortable as users don't have to bend when pumping.

Profession Plus is a reachly equipped, professional, practical, reliable and easy to use device. Every detail of this sprayer is designed to serve you.

Each element of this device is precisely tested before final assembling.

All parts are made from high quality, durable, and chemical-resistant materials.

Our technicians have designed one of the most user friendly and multi functional sprayer you can find on a market.



Technical data:

Total capacity - 11,7 l
Working capacity - 11,0 l
Pressure - 0,4 MPa
Net weigh - 2,4 kg
Height - 835 mm
Width - 220 mm

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