Warranty: 24 months
Order fulfillment: 24 hours
Shipping cost: no. PLN
Producer: Marolex

Garden sprayer MAROLEX PROFESSION 12 + Mini gratis

Sprayers from PROFESSION line are perfect for spraying using plant protection chemicals and liquid fertilizers in orchards, nurseries, gardens, plantations, greenhouses. They can be used also for neutralizing chemical pollution.


Profession sprayers are professional, practical, reliable and easy to use. Every detail of our sprayer is designed to serve you.
Each element of these devices is precisely tested before final assembling.
All parts are made from high quality, durable, and chemical-resistant materials.
Profession sprayers meet even the most sophisticated user's expectations.

To improve comfort of usage, each PROFESSION is generously equipped and all its elements are very strong and efficient.
Our technicians have designed one of the most user friendly sprayer you can find on a market.



telescopic wand 75-135 cm
light-weight, yellow translucent polypropylene tank
2 nozzles with regulation of stream angle MR1.5, MR1.0
push-in on/off dosing valve
safety valve
in-line filter
locking pump handle
reinforced PCV hose 170cm
carrying belt
additional spare parts (4 pcs)
silicone smear




                             Profession 5            Profession 7              Profession 9             Profession 12
Total capacity            5,75 l                       7,83 l                         9,50 l                         11,6 l
Working capacity        5,0 l                        7,0 l                           8,0 l                           11,0 l
Pressure                     0,4 MPa                  0,4 MPa                    0,4 MPa                     0,4 MPa
Net weigh                   1,7 kg                     1,8 kg                         2,0 kg                        2,1 kg
Height                         415 mm                  470 mm                      570 mm                    600 mm
Width                          220 mm                  220 mm                      220 mm                     220 mm